As we aware of the fact that, there is no proper way or equipment available to destroy used sanitary napkins immediately after use. The napkins are disposed in waste dust bins or in sanitation chambers. This will be adding risk to the operators who are handling municipal waste. Also the sanitation pipe lines are getting choked up. This infectious waste is spreading diseases and would be calling for health hazards.

After studying this issue in detail, the Saratech team had developed an economical solution to
destroy used sanitary napkins immediate after use. The unit is converting hazardous sanitary
napkins in to sterile ash within minutes. The “Saratech Sanitary Napkin Destroyer” is the compact unit and shall be installed at schools, colleges, offices and housing colonies.

The SARATECH Sanitary Napkin Destroyer (SSND) is used to destroy Sanitary Napkins and Diapers
by heating process. An electrical unit works
with 230 VAC, 1 phase, 50 Hz Supply.

Simple Operation of equipments…

  • Open the loading door and place the sanitary napkins / diapers in machine.
  • Close the loading door and switch ON unit.
  • The inside temperature will be maintained with automatic temperature controller.
  • The machine will trip off automatically after complete destruction of napkins.
  • The residual ash inside chamber shall be disposed off the regular waste.

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