Double shaft shedder

The shredder consists of two shafts fixed with multiple rotary cutting discs. The material is grabbed between two counter rotating shafts. It is powered with heavy duty gearbox to handle excessive load while shredding. In case of overload during shredding the counter rotating shafts automatically rotate in reverse direction for a few seconds. The machines are used for a wide range of applications such as Organic waste reduction, Plastic waste reduction, Rubber Tires shredding, Electronic waste reduction etc.

The two shaft shredder is the most popular method used in shredding.

The machines are supplied with microprocessor controlled AC drive.

It is enclosed with power coated steel enclosure.

All kind of safety interlocks ensure risk free smooth operation.

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  • Biomedical waste

    Pet bottles waste

    Organic Waste

    Pharma waste

    Biomass waste

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