SARATECH SANITORY NAPKIN DESTROYER   As we aware of the fact that, there is no proper way or equipment available to destroy used sanitary napkins immediately after use. The napkins are disposed in waste dust bins or in sanitation chambers. This will be adding risk to the operators who are handling municipal waste. Also the […]


Design, development & Manufacturing of plastic molded components SARATECH provides complete solution for development of plastic molded components. Prototyping of components Design & procurement of plastic molds Manufacturing & supply of plastic molded components. Design of plastic molded assemblies. Biomedical waste Pet bottles waste Organic Waste Electronic waste Pharma waste Biomass waste


Biomass waste shredder Useful to shred dry organic waste such as coconut shells, waste corps & tree leaves etc. A biomass shredder is required at most biomass power plants to reduce the organic feedstock to a size suitable for the boiler. Two shaft shredders are recommended for this application. Download brochure Biomedical waste Pet bottles […]


Electronic waste shredder Useful to shred computer peripherals, circuit boards, cabinets, mobile phones etc. The two shaft or four shaft shredders are used for two stages shredding of electronic waste. The machines are used with conveyor system, vibratory screen, and screens for segregation of shredded waste. Download brochure Biomedical waste Pet bottles waste Organic Waste […]


Organic waste shredder Organic waste consists of waste vegetables, fruits, garden waste, animal waste; fish, chicken etc. Organic waste can be shredded before delivering to vermi culture or de composting culture. Shredder mixture can be used for composting process. Manure prepared by this process is used for agricultural purpose to enrich the soil which results […]


Pet Bottles Shredder Specifically designed to cut deshaped Mineral water pet bottles, Soft drink pet bottles, Plastic cups etc. It reduces the volume of waste by 70% after shredding, which saves the transportation cost of waste and ensures easy delivery to recycling agents. The single shaft or two shaft shredders can be selected as per […]


Pharmaceutical waste shredder The machine is used to effectively dispose of pharmaceutical waste such as Aluminum / Plastic blister packing, Ointments tubes, Syrup bottles, Glass ampoules & vials etc. It helps in prevention of reuse of pharmaceutical waste and also acts as identifier that the waste is safe to dispose off. The single shaft or […]


Bio medical plastic waste shredder Used to destroy Biomedical plastic waste such as Syringes, I.V. Sets, Saline Bottles, Medicine bottles, Blood / Urine bags, Ampoules & Vials etc. Shredding is a process by which waste material is deshaped /cut in to smaller pieces, so as to make waste unrecognizable. It helps in prevention of reuse […]


Manual Needle & syringe destroyer The Manual Needle & Syringe destroyer is used to cut Needle & Syringe hub in a single hole by one operation. It is very strong shearing mechanism manufactured with hardened steel. The equipment is comes with a stainless steel body, anti skid vacuum pads & puncture proof plastic container. It […]


Electrical Needle & syringe destroyer An Electrical Needle & Syringe destroyer is a revolutionary method of destroying hypodermic sharp needles for the safety of nurses, medical and hospital staff, as well as home care, juvenile diabetes, veterinary offices, clinics, labs dental and doctor’s offices. It reduces the risk of needle stick injury immediately after administration,by […]